Shelly Heim: Barrel Racer

I started barrel racing lessons when I was seven years old and I trained my first pony at a young age of nine. For over 23 years I have been charging through the gates in a race against the clock. I’ve made tight patterns around barrels up north and down the southeast coast ever since.

My experience includes Pro Rodeo and I have won saddles, tack, buckles, and money. But the real reason I chase that time clock is I love the rush of it so much!

In my free time, I love to buy, train, and sell barrel horses and spend time with my son. I have also taught lessons to deaf children for years.

In 2018 I will participate in rodeos across the Southeast. I’m expecting to participate in the Women’s Pro Rodeo Association (WPRA) again this year. I can truly say that barrel racing is not just a bumper sticker on my truck, but a way of life for me!

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