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A friend once told me, “If you’re lucky enough to live in the South, you’re lucky enough.”
lee cloer owner operator live southern apparelYou’ll hear this phrase applied to so many locations. Just replace ‘South’ with nearly any word and it’s probably been said by someone. But I think it really hits home, it is its most truthful statement when you use that word, ‘South’. Hi, I’m Lee Cloer and I’m the creator of Live Southern. I'm a husband, father of two, and a U.S. Marine veteran. Living in the South... I believe you have a connection to something much bigger than just a corner of our great country. I believe it’s a lifestyle. And I feel that Live Southern is more than just a clothing line. It represents that very special culture. From the majestic smoky mountains to our beautiful southern coastlines, we know we are blessed to live in the South. Live Southern connects us through our outdoor living, our family, our food, and our college sports. LS is about sweet tea on the front porch on a hot summer day. It is love for our outdoors -- fishing on a shady creek bank, hunting in a tree stand, shrimping the inter-coastal waterway, and hiking a mountainous trail. We hold tight to our favorite memories of summer cookouts, family camping trips, Sunday AM services, and sunrise walks along our coastal beaches. We take pride in our shrimp creole, banana pudding, fried chicken, and of course, great tasting BBQ. Who are we? We’re polite. We say “yes, ma’am”, “hey Y'all”, and “bless your heart”. We are the South and we are proud... I hope you connect to Live Southern the way I do. Visit our store to see t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories. Hey, thanks for stoppin’ by.
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