WNC Law Enforcement No Shave February

Law enforcement agencies across Western North Carolina participated in a fundraiser for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. 100% of your donations go to LoveLights, which assists these patients with funds for transportation, food, utilities, rent, clothing and more.

Watch the video above explaining fundraiser. Want to help? Donate now at http://bit.ly/wnc_beards

Hey y’all, I hope you have made it through the blustery cold, well a heat wave month of February.
I know I look a little different in this video than previous ones.
I’m a little more beardy than usual. Well, a lot beardy for me.
And I have to admit, this thing itches like crazy. This will make two times I have grown a beard. My first time and my last time.

If you saw one of my previous posts at the beginning of February you may remember the WNC Law Enforcement No Shave February

Basically, it goes like this: Macon County Sheriff Robby Holland wanted to help an organization that supported cancer patients who were taking chemotherapy. This organization, LoveLights, assists these patients with funds for transportation, food, utilities, rent, clothing and more.

Since law enforcement officers are usually expected to have a beardless face, Holland offered them the month of February to grow a beard for the fee of $25.

There is also an online donation center where you can help too. Follow the link you see below or in this post and you can help this wonderful cause yourself.

Sheriff Holland didn’t stop there. Not wanting to limit it to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, he also challenged the law enforcement offices of
Franklin, Highlands, and Sylva Police Departments and the Sheriff Departments of Jackson, Swain and Cherokee Counties.

They all accepted and what they raised can be found in the Macon County News on Thursday and will be updated in this post then too.

As you have seen in this video many officers have spent the month of February seeing how well they can grow a beard, while still maintaining a professional image.

The event has done so well, Sheriff Holland and some of the other departments plan to extend the No Shave month for March.

100% of the proceeds raised go to LoveLights. We at Live Southern want to thank all those who participated in this wonderful fundraising event.

Remember, when you’re done watching this go follow the link and help these guys get more to the LoveLights organization.

That feels much better.
Thank you and have a great night, y’all!