Military and First Responder Families Can Get Alternate Santa Delivery Dates

christmas first responder letter for children[Short Read] Stephanie Lynn, a military wife, and mother, worked closely with Santa’s elves to establish alternative delivery dates for Christmas this year. And together they created an Official Letter from the Desk of Santa Claus and 100% Elf Approved for Military and First Responder Families. You see Stephanie’s family and others all across the country like hers share their loved ones with their communities and country on weekends and holidays. While many of us celebrate at home with our family on Christmas Day, law enforcement, paramedics, firefighters, and military men and women are busy keeping us safe and responding to emergencies. Most children know that Santa brings presents on Christmas Eve, swooping around the world in his big red sleigh. But there are many families of military, first-responders, medical professionals, where one or both parents may be deployed, on-call, or working a swing shift so their schedules may be different. But Santa is adaptive and the elves saw Stephanie’s solution to having a couple alternative dates ready for those families who need to celebrate days before or after Christmas Day!

Her Facebook post where she shares the letter for military and first responder families has been shared over 60,000 times, liked over 10 thousand times, and has over 4,000 comments (as of this post). Even <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">NORAD, who has a special website for families to track Santa’s Christmas ride</a></strong>, has made a <a href="[0]=68.ARDiox7Lj_fzv0-Kry58Kp4XkwX3ptTyBRVRYJmuK3XZKqnOaOZwS8rQKC87RhD6MzmSrfl5aZgKcLt_5NZINKj1Pqms4QxWGHktPIIDhLDZm1oLyXZyPocoCzVaXvxc2H_n_IThanBmh_GX3iWFkVrgJV1kklr7_qA4B-xO7sOxuMW4kp3iPeClefgf02dS1T7oOKmSWdzf7BQqnIqBg8RVpKL1xFU75mo7ir4CUKk1bpgu7OZKUPeMGYk68bT2uNcqn37OX_rgX8_T1cwfLule70Ie4tnCfzeKwMt8Ui4pxAmMdThB8W824jiCIiXxg-3MdnVQ7T5GbT-ByvqI&amp;__tn__=-R" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>special Facebook post notifying the children of these special dates</strong></a>.

Below is a link to her Facebook post, which also includes optional special letters for medical professionals, pilots and flight crew, and others who may also have different Christmas schedules. She encourages you to print one if you need to do the same and share it with others.


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