Fall in the South

Ahh—fall. That magical time of year when the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice everything is back, its finally sweater weather and the crisp air allows for bonfires and s’mores…at least in the movies — but definitely not in the South.

Fall in the South is a dangerously tricky road to navigate. The leaves are vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, and reds— which is fitting considering most days its hot as fire. Sure we want to believe that with the beauty of fall brings cooler weather, after all, it's just around the corner from Winter. But for Southerners, that’s just not the case. You wake up in the morning to frost on the windshield and dress in your warmest parka…. But by lunch, you are sporting your sandals and a tank top. That is the reality of Fall in the South. A Southern Fall is temperamental. The weather can change — with whatever way the wind blows. One day you might have 70s and sunshine and then for the next week you will forget what the Sun looks like as you’re drenched with that classic November rain. A little bit of hurricane, a little bit of sunny days, and I think the other night we even had some snow flurries. Fall isn’t really a season in the South — no instead its a combination of every season that people around the globe get to experience, all mixed into a couple of weeks. Heck, you may see all seasons on the same day. But that’s the best part — you won’t find a Fall like this anywhere else. Just another little slice of heaven that makes the South the greatest place to call Home.

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