poolside with Saint NicholasAfter Christmas, even Santa needs to get away for a break. When it’s cold you look for a warm place to chill out.

When you spend a lot of time in the cold and gray winter what your soul needs most is sunny, warm weather. In the winter months one of the best prescriptions for the winter blahs is some beach time in the South. Most of us can’t get away for a winter vacation because of work, or family commitments, or we can all probably agree, too expensive. But that doesn’t keep us from dreaming of a warm beach and a great drink.

We can all use a break and what better way than trying to find some affordable getaways to run out of town for…a weekend. Maybe we can swing that. Though winter may not seem to be the right time most people are not looking to vacation. Because of availability, winter is a good time to find some great deals.

From hanging out at the Flowers Seafood Company at Edisto Island in South Carolina, to visiting the Alligator Creek Preserve in Punta Gorda, Florida, warm weather is calling your name. Who knows…the guy you’re hanging out with poolside in Siesta Key might just be Ol’ Saint Nicholas.

10 Affordable Down-South Destinations To Escape Winter’s Chill

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