Video: Westside Block Party

Video: Westside Block Party

Watch Video: Join us at the 3rd Annual Westside Block Party in Franklin, NC this Saturday, May 12 from 12:30-3:30. You’ll find the festivities in the parking lot of Appalachian Ace and Fox Mercantile. This is when Franklin’s Westside get to THANK YOU for shopping local and supporting the Westside. There will be tons of giveaways, crafts for mom, kids activities, food, ice cream, and tie-dye your own t-shirt! It’s going to be fun and we hope to see you there!

11 Beautiful Southern Locations in The Movies You Love

11 Beautiful Southern Locations in The Movies You Love

They are some of your favorite movies from the past 35 years. We recognize that not all of the movies filmed in the South, nor all southern states with films are represented here. That’s where you can tell us what we left out below and why it was wrong to leave your favorite out. (more…)

WNC Law Enforcement No Shave February

WNC Law Enforcement No Shave February

Law enforcement agencies across Western North Carolina participated in a fundraiser for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. 100% of your donations go to LoveLights, which assists these patients with funds for transportation, food, utilities, rent, clothing and more.

Watch the video above explaining fundraiser. Want to help? Donate now at

Hey y’all, I hope you have made it through the blustery cold, well a heat wave month of February.
I know I look a little different in this video than previous ones.
I’m a little more beardy than usual. Well, a lot beardy for me.
And I have to admit, this thing itches like crazy. This will make two times I have grown a beard. My first time and my last time.

If you saw one of my previous posts at the beginning of February you may remember the WNC Law Enforcement No Shave February

Basically, it goes like this: Macon County Sheriff Robby Holland wanted to help an organization that supported cancer patients who were taking chemotherapy. This organization, LoveLights, assists these patients with funds for transportation, food, utilities, rent, clothing and more.

Since law enforcement officers are usually expected to have a beardless face, Holland offered them the month of February to grow a beard for the fee of $25.

There is also an online donation center where you can help too. Follow the link you see below or in this post and you can help this wonderful cause yourself.

Sheriff Holland didn’t stop there. Not wanting to limit it to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, he also challenged the law enforcement offices of
Franklin, Highlands, and Sylva Police Departments and the Sheriff Departments of Jackson, Swain and Cherokee Counties.
They all accepted and what they raised can be found in the Macon County News on Thursday and will be updated in this post then too.

As you have seen in this video many officers have spent the month of February seeing how well they can grow a beard, while still maintaining a professional image.

The event has done so well, Sheriff Holland and some of the other departments plan to extend the No Shave month for March.

100% of the proceeds raised go to LoveLights. We at Live Southern want to thank all those who participated in this wonderful fundraising event.

Remember, when you’re done watching this go follow the link and help these guys get more to the LoveLights organization.

That feels much better.
Thank you and have a great night, y’all!

Baseball in the South — Its About To Get Real!

Baseball in the South — Its About To Get Real!

It’s that special time of year again. The Super Bowl is over. College basketball is getting closer to March Madness. NASCAR is already doing time trials for Daytona. Baseball is also in a season where it is coming alive. Little kids (and even big adult kids) are getting into the batting cages trying to get back in shape and work on their swings. Coaches are throwing batting practice (BP) during the day and icing down their arms at night. (more…)

Twas Christmas Eve in Dixie

Twas Christmas Eve in Dixie

Merry Christmas!

🎄 Video: “Twas Christmas Eve in Dixie” written and read by Lee Cloer
Thank you for an awesome 2017 & we look forward to growing with you in 2018. #MerryChristmas, y’all! Plz LIKE our page & share this post.

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🎄“Twas Christmas Eve in Dixie” by Live Southern 2017 🎄

Twas Christmas eve in Dixie, the sun has set on our house
There is snow in the mountains, warm beaches to the south
Outside it’s chilly a light snow on the ground
Inside Christmas music is the only real sound

The children asleep after a long day of sledding
All snug as a bug, tucked deep in the bedding
Mom’s at the table with her sister on the phone
While I read instructions putting together a drone

When out in the yard I heard a big noise
I stepped on a lego and a few other toys
Running to the window, I yell “honey, get my gun”
If someone’s fooling with the #Jeep I’ll put ‘em on the run

As I ran out the door and I slipped on the snow
The motion lights on the house gave the yard such a glow
When what did I see zip over my work truck
But a shiny red sleigh pulled by 8 big ol’ bucks

The chubby little sleigh driver was fat as a tick
I knew right then and there this ole boy was St. Nick
Quicker than a running back those deer they came
And he hooped and hollered as he called them by name

“Now, DASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and VIXEN!
Drive her deep into the corner, stay out of the wall!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away, y’all!”

They swerved, they skidded, they shifted to high,
In a lickety split the sleigh shot to the sky,
Just missing our shed and the big oak too,
With the sleigh full of toys, St. Nicholas flew.

Quick as a whip they slid on the tin roof
tap dancing the blues with each tiny hoof
I reckon surprise was the look on my face
as he shot down the chimney like he’s in a race

He was covered in camo, and he wore cowboy boots
Ya know he’d been working ‘cause he was covered in soot
Santa looked out of kilter with that bag on his back
Just piddlin’ around as he pulled toys from his sack

He filled up their stockings from Walmart with care
He laid out some fishing poles, and momma’s new hair
A baby doll for Sandy and a football for Reed
And even our hunting dogs got a big bag of feed

Bless his heart he remembered Grandpa’s old singing bass
Had Santy forgotten it’d been somebody’s…….problem
After a small slice of the key lime and downing sweet tea
He shot up the chimney almost flipping the durn tree

He was fixin’ to leave and threw his bag in the rear
shouting “If the creeks don’t rise I’ll see you next year”
I reckon he yelled out as he flew out of sight
Mer’ Christmas y’all, and to all a goodnight.

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